Child Prostitution

March 19, 2017

Prostitution is an act of sleeping or having sex with persons of the opposite gender for money or for other worldly gains. It is an age-old act with its origin dating as far back as the medieval ages. It is difficult to single out a person and epitomize them for their prostitution mannerism as the first to indulge in this damaging trade.

Going down history, the very first traces of prostitution was recorded in the town of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19) and much later in Nineveh (Jonah 1).

It remains a menace that has continued to plague most, if not all, countries of the world.

Statistics show that the level of prostitution is higher in under-developed countries than it is in the developed ones. In countries like the USA, 85% of the prostitutes that wander the streets are mainly immigrants who are unable to secure legitimate means of livelihood. Italy records the highest number of prostitutes who are call girls, exotic dancers or nude waitresses. Records also show that the illegal immigrants top the chart.

The worst kind of prostitution that is ravaging our society and eating deep into the fabric of our sanity is the ‘child prostitution’.

Child prostitution in our community is a sorry sight to behold. It is horrible to know the number of children who find themselves in this abysmal world of destruction.

Under-aged children on a daily basis inadvertently or consciously walk down this path of self-destruction and total annihilation. Because of their youthfulness and naivety, they often continue down that road until it is too late to put them in check.

This ungodly trade is the direct vomit of so many ills that have continued to surface in our country, society, community, neighbourhood and indeed our homes.

It is the product of negativity, captivity, poverty idleness, illiteracy, failed government, injustice, frustration, unawareness, corruption, religious and moral decadence, just to mention some of the reasons

To solve a problem, one needs to first of all come to grips with the said problem, identify the problem, find out the causes of such a problem then tangible and realistic solutions can be proffered.

Our society has in its way harped on this dysfunctional national issue but yet little headway has been made to ameliorate it.

To curb prostitution, the following things have to be done; and done well and fast

(1) Poverty alleviation: A hungry person would do anything to put food in their stomach. Hunger has a way of making people do what they never would do on normal circumstances.

Poverty is the number one factor that is responsible for the unwanted rise in the figure of child prostitution. A child battered by hunger and not able to get a meal from anybody would indulge in a trade that needs no capital at all. The spirit might be resisting it, but the body too weak and too hungry to care a hoot about moral.

With more than half the country’s population living below poverty line, people will do anything not to die of hunger or be an unsuccessful individual.

If poverty is eradicated, completely abolished or reduced greatly, there will be an instant, sharp decline in the number of child prostitutes.

If the government can put food on everyone’s table, then the prostitutes won’t have a reason to continue with the very dangerous trade.

(2) Sex education: Sex is a topic most people shy away from discussing, deem it not necessary or believe it is an immoral act that should be kept sacred. Most people believe that it should be left alone so that every individual at their on time discover what it is like, its gains and pains etc.

Parents and teachers leave out sex in their wards and students the very simple but complex and broad topic.

The neglect of inculcating sex education on our youth forces them to learn it on their own through the print or electronic media and even through x-rated movies. This lack of prior and direct knowledge by people they can relate with forces them to go into child prostitution as one orgy of sex leads to another until it becomes a continuous trend.

To curb child prostitution therefore, our children need to be taught sex education at home by their parents whom they look up to, by their older and more experienced siblings and also in schools. When they get to understand the details about the whole thing, they will be better equipped to knock out the urge and shield off pressure of any kind.

(3) Idleness: An idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop. Someone who is completely idle will be eventually occupied by silly thoughts especially evil and licentious types that will continue hunting the mind and pricking the imagination. With the idleness persisting and the thought reoccurring, there will be no more room for fantasy but reality.

This idle child gradually exposes itself to prostitution that will soon become a part of the person. The child roams the streets vulnerable to all sorts of ills especially the sexually attributed types. They are easily lured to bed by sex-starved and beastly people.

To nip the situation in the bud, such young persons should be kept busy at all times. With busy schedules, the mind aligns with the activity of the day and takes off the menu whatever is irrelevant to the course of the day’s duty.

Provision of recreational tools or little daily job will go a long way in reducing the high level of child prostitution.

(4) Education: Educate a child and you would have educated a nation. Education plays a very important role in every individual’s life for besides inculcating the Western education it also instills norms and moral and also allows for proper mingling with peers and other people from different religious, cultural and racial background.

In our society we are plagued by child prostitution largely because we are still behind the developed world in terms of education. Most of our youth sit at home when their mates are in school. Because they fail to get the education the rightfully deserve, they end up ignorantly embarking on prostitution without really knowing the harm they are doing themselves.

To help eradicate child prostitution, the government, parents and guardians must do everything within their power to educate the child.

(5) Empowerment: This simply means helping someone become less dependent. A dependent person is a tool of art in the hands of anybody so long as they can meet the individual’s needs and wants.

If the youth is empowered and thereby becomes independent, child prostitution will definitely be a thing of the past. Someone who can carter for themselves do not need to indulge in a dirty and filthy business for any reason whatsoever.

(6) Role models: Every child has a role model; someone they wish to be like or emulate. Who the child wants to be like is influenced by a numbers of factors e.g. an adult they see often or know well, it could be a parent, a sibling, a family friend, a movie character, a cartoon character or even their school teacher.

To prevent child prostitution, a role model with impeccable character should be introduced to the child’s life. This person would be able to write the child’s script for them and direct their foot steps towards the right direction.

(7) Guardians: Because most children don’t have guards who would direct their footsteps, they end up emulating adults who have chosen this wrong path. With no one to call them away from destruction, they go ahead and embrace prostitution. A guardian is like an angel who isn’t necessarily a family but could be a stranger with genuine interest in the said child. They are always there like godfathers and helping financially, morally and even spiritually to the upbringing of the child.

With a guardian always looking out for such a ward’s interest it will restrict the child from indulging in wayward and stupid habits.

(8) Clergy Men: People are made up of body and soul. The body we can see but the soul which defines us and directs us is locked inside. Religion is the oldest practice that directs us and points a finger towards the Supreme Being and forces us to follow.

Without spirituality, we are doomed as nothing pricks our conscience and tells us we are going the wrong path that leads to eternal destruction. A community without religion lives an undefined and worthless live for there is no guard from the Divine Creator.

To curb child prostitution, religious leaders need to step up and warn against any form of spiritual complacency that will lead to it. Because clergymen are deemed by all to be closer to God and therefore are our direct contact to and from Hi, we all tend to respect and fear their judgment and pronouncement. The men of God must play an important role in snuffing the moral decadence in the society with the words etc.

(9) Eradication of sex movies: Sex is no longer seen as a sacred thing but a common practice that artists find it a means of livelihood to pose nude and act exotic movies that hit the market and eventually land unto the laps of under-aged children. These children need only to watch such movies before their adrenalin level skyrockets and their libido rise above normal.

This triggers the child’s fantasy and they seek to practice what they have learnt. One sin leads to another and before long they take the practice a notch up and become prostitutes.

If sex movies are abolished or put in check so that they don’t get into the wrong hands, we would have a safe country with the level of child prostitution dropping below the line.

(10) Eradication of sex tools: Sex tools are like toys these days. Entrepreneurs manufacture and sell these tools to adults to help boost their sexual orgy and performance. Just like the x-rated movies, they also get into the hands of children who practice what they see adults do. This eventually leads to prostitution.

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